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Error "No more users can run..."

When running the course I get the error: "No more users can run at this time." If you have an 'X' user license for a given course, then only that many students can run simultaneously. If you get this message before you reach 'x' simultaneous users, then try the following:

  • Update your Installation
    1. Make sure no one else is using the DynEd programs.
    2. If this is a networked installation, be sure to sit at a client computer, don't sit at the server itself.
    3. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
    4. Run the UpToDate application in your DynEd folder.

  • View Active Students
    1. Make sure no one is using the DynEd programs
    2. Run the Records Manager application in the DynEd directory.
    3. Go to "Options->Administrator Options->View Active Students"
    4. If there are names listed, then...Click on "Reset." Then click on OK.
    5. Go to "View Active Students" again.
    6. The student names should all be gone.

    • If no students are running, then there should be no students listed.
    • If there are names listed, then it may indicate that students crashed or did not exit properly.
    • It might also indicate that the students did not have the proper Read/Write/Edit/Delete/Create privileges to the "..\dyned\data" directory.
    • If it says "unknown", then it may mean that it crashed within the first minute and did not yet write out the student name.

  • Confirm users have the proper right privileges.
    1. Ask the IT person to confirm that ALL of the students have FULL rights to the "..\dyned\data" directory and all subdirectores below this directory. By full rights we mean Read/Write/Edit/Delete/Create.

  • Check the license for course
    1. Run the Records Manager application in the DynEd directory.
    2. Go to "Options->License management"
    3. Confirm that the license for the course that you are running indeed has a license for 'x' users and that the license has not expired.

  • Check your Server's license
    • How many simultaneous users does your server license allow?
    • If your "server" does not have real server software but is just a sharednclient, then both Microsoft and Apple limit you to 10 simultaneous users.

  • Try it again.
    If it fails again, then send us the dyned.log file from one of the clients where the message appeared.

    Need more help? Get support and provide details about your issue.