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Installation, Confirmation, and Registration Codes

What's the difference between Installation, Confirmation, and Registration Codes?

Installation Codes:
When you run the Setup program on the Installation CD, you will be asked for an Installation Code.
The installation code appears in the form: "####-####-####-####-####".
There is a unique installation code for each course.
Each code indicates:

  • Courses and discs licensed
  • Support languages licensed
  • Type of installation (Discless or CD-Based)
  • If the Records Manager is enabled
  • The expiration date

Confirmation Codes:
A confirmation code is generated automatically when you enter the Installation Code. The Confirmation Code is based on the Installation Code and some information about the computer that it is installed on.

Note: If you use the same Installation Code on a different machine, you will get a different confirmation code.

Registration Codes:
The Registration Code is generated when you register the product and is based on the Confirmation Code. You need to obtain a Registration Code before running the course.
To obtain a Registration Code, you do one of the following:

Note: Courseware can only be registered X number of times as determined by DynEd. You will be allowed between 1 and 3 attempts to install for CD-Based codes and 1 time for Discless codes. If you get the message you exceeded the limit of registration attempts please contact DynEd for assistance.


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