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Sending the "dyned_log"

If you are running with administrator privileges to the client computer (or have the password)  

  1. Browse to the DynEd folder and run the Analyzer application
  2. Use the "File->Find DynEd_log.txt" option.The folder that contains the dyned_log file should be opened
  3. Attach the DynEd_log.txt to an email and send to


Client Machine with no Internet access


1. Browse to the DynEd folder and look for the "dyned_log" file

    • Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8, 10



    • Windows XP 

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DynEd\dyned_log"


Note: The "ProgramData" and "Application Data" are hidden folders.
Please run the DynEd Analyzer program and "Analyze your DynEd Installation" then click on "Dyned.log" to locate the file.


    • Mac OS X (Open Finder window) 

2. Copy the file to a machine that does have internet access (via usb or network)

3. E-mail the file to:, with a description of the problem



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