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Error "Student is already active"

The '.USE' files are the files that determine is a student is "in use" or not. The .USE files get created and held open when a student runs (or a teacher is in the RM looking at that student's records). When the student (or teacher) exits, the .USE file is closed and then deleted. Sometimes the .USE file does not get deleted for some reason. As long as the student (or teacher) can re-open the file, then there is no problem and it will erase itself later.

The only problem comes if the person exits and the file does not get closed and somehow their machine is holding the file open. If that machine is restarted, for example, the file will no longer be held open and the student (or teacher) will be able to open it again.
To delete the .use files please do the following:


  1. Go to Start->Search->Files
  2. Search for files named: "*.USE"
  3. Search in the directories: "..\dyned\data" and "..\dyned\data_i_0xx"

  4. Delete all .USE files that were not from today.

Note: The .USE files should all have a size of 0 bytes

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