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Checking for a DVD Drive

How do I figure out if my computer has a DVD Drive?

To check if your computer has a DVD Drive do the following:

  • Windows 
    Right-click "My Computer"
    Click the "Hardware" tab
    Click "Device Manager"
    Click "DVD/CD-ROM" drives
    The device name may indicate if it is a DVD drive or not. If not..
    Double-Click each of the drives that appear
    See if their "Device type" says that it is a DVD


  • Macintosh OS-X
    Choose Apple > About This Mac.
    Click the More Info button.
    Select ATA in the Hardware list and select the optical drive in the ATA Device Tree list on the right. If you don't see a DVD drive listed here, you do not have a built-in DVD drive.
    Scroll to the bottom of the lower-right section of the window to see more information about the drive.
    Locate Drive Type in the list and check for "DVD."


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