Functioning in Business

Functioning in Business is a video-based business English course. It prepares students to deal with a range of common business situations.

Its companion course in the series is Dynamic Business English.

  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Video Presentations of Business Situations
  • Speech Recognition and Voice Record to develop oral fluency
  • Interactive Comprehension and Speaking Exercises
  • Situational English and Culture Awareness
  • On-line Glossary and Help Screens
  • Placement and Mastery Tests
  • Award-winning Records Manager
  • Intelligent Tutor
  • Teacher's Guide with worksheets


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This video-based business English course and its companion course, Dynamic Business English, are part of a suite of products that make up DynEd's Business English Advantage Series. Used together, they provide the core material for a quality business English program, as well as preparation for standard tests such as the TOEIC®.

The language of the course is presented in the context of an executive's business trip to the US. Video presentations and interactive exercises give students the chance to learn and practice the language necessary to operate successfully in business interactions such as making an appointment, meeting in a restaurant or hotel, and supervising a co-worker.

In addition to listening and speaking skills, Functioning in Business focuses on general business vocabulary and important language functions, such as requesting, refusing, suggesting, confirming, and clarification. Ideally, these points can be developed further in classroom activities or in other teacher-supported interactions that support the course. A comprehensive Teacher's Guide is available, with classroom suggestions and handouts.

As with all DynEd courses, study activities are tracked and assessed by DynEd's award-winning Records Manager, a learning management system designed specifically for language learners.

Course Contents

Introduction Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
An Important Business Trip Checking In Making an Appointment Confirming Plans An Important Introduction
Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
A Business Lunch The Disagreement Keeping in Touch New Customer Negotiations

Lesson Types

Functioning in Business features several types of lessons, each of which keeps learners engaged with the language in different ways, promoting long-term learning. Data from around the world has shown that these types of lessons have been particularly effective. All study activities in the course are stored and evaluated in DynEd's Records Manager.

fib03Students develop listening and speaking skills for situations centered around a business trip to the US.
fib07A major focus of the course is on the language most appropriate to a situation. Students can use Speech Recognition to practice saying a variety of useful phrases, all in context.
fib06A wide variety of listening exercises focus on the most appropriate way to handle English language communications in a business situations.
fib05Students listen to each phrase and then click on the correct option in easy-to-use Dictation exercises that provide additional review.
fib04A series of questions test the student's understanding of the current lesson. Students may also record their voice to compare it with the native-speaker model.