New Dynamic English
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Video, Speech Recognition, and a rich variety of language exercises make this award-winning English language course both engaging and productive.

New Dynamic English is a comprehensive English language course that includes Placement Test, Mastery Tests, a sophisticated Records Management System, and helpful Teacher's Guides. This best-selling course has been honored by the French Ministry of Education, and is being used by students all over the world, from peacekeepers in Bosnia to executives in leading corporations.

8 Modules
  • Basic - Advanced
  • Multi-modal, Iconic Approach
  • Presentation, Support, and Review Lessons
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition Exercises
  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar-based Exercises
  • Hierarchical Scope and Sequence
  • Classroom Extension Activities
  • Mastery & Placement Tests
  • Teacher Guides with Classroom Activities and Worksheets
  • Teacher Training and Support
  • Award-winning Records Manager
  • Intelligent Tutor
  • and more...
  • Do well in international standardized tests
  • Succeed in schools and universities where English is the medium of instruction
  • Meet language requirements for jobs and school entrance examinations


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This research-based course is the quickest way to develop effective communication skills in English. With daily practice, students develop:

  • Pronunciation and Oral Fluency
  • Listening and Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Structure and Effective Sequencing of Ideas
  • Oral Presentation and Summarization skills
  • Ability to express abstract ideas and relationships

Using a well-designed scope and sequence, superb quality video, animated graphics, and advanced Speech Recognition technologies, this award-winning course provides sophisticated, highly motivating listening and speaking activities that facilitate long-term learning. Each module of New Dynamic English provides 15-30 hours of study, and is designed for easy classroom extension and personalization activities.

The program includes detailed record keeping, testing, and a powerful learning sequence that reduces learning time. The content automatically adjusts based on learner performance, and the study path for each student or class can be customized by DynEd's award-winning Records Manager. New Dynamic English has proven to be ideal for teacher-led classes or on-line study.

Content Summary

Modules 1 & 2 Modules 3 & 4 Modules 5 & 6 Modules 7 & 8
Names & Places
Jobs & Family
Numbers & Time
Review Exercises
Video Interactions

Family Schedule
Matrix Vocabulary
Likes & Dislikes
Review Exercises
Video Interactions
Daily Activities
Our World
Review Exercises
Video Interactions

Planning Ahead
Matrix Vocabulary
Review Exercises
Video Interactions
On a Trip
Energy Sources
Review Exercises
Video Interactions

Life Experiences
Matrix Vocabulary
Review Exercises
Video Interactions
Life Choices
Space & Time Sequences
Review Exercises
Video Interactions

The Secret Code Mystery
Matrix Vocabulary
UFOs: For & Against
Review Exercises
Video Interactions

Lesson Types

New Dynamic English features several types of lessons, each of which keeps learners engaged with the language in different ways, promoting long-term learning. Data from around the world has shown that these types of lessons have been particularly effective for most learners.

nde07.jpg Presentation units cover a wide range of concepts and themes, introducing carefully sequenced language in meaningful contexts -- with visual support to aid comprehensibility. Comprehension checks and voice recording features help students practice effectively.
nde06.jpg "Click and drag" activities illustrate logical relationships and provide the learner with meaningful practice.
nde05.jpg Key concepts and structures are presented in context, with colorful graphic support that aids memory.
nde04.jpg Informative vocabulary development is achieved through relevant and interesting content at the optimum proficiency level.
nde03.jpg Combined with Speech Recognition exercises, the Video Interactions review key concepts and grammar, and introduce useful situational language.