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DynEd Applications

What do each of the DynEd applications do?

Setup: Resides at the root of the Installer. It is used when installing all DynEd applications.

Launchw: (or Launcher) Resides in the DynEd folder. This is the application that students use to launch all DynEd courseware. Once the application identifies the student and course, it launches the DynEd Engine.

Records Manager: Resides in the DynEd folder. This application allows teachers, tutor, and administrators to manage study records for all DynEd courses, track student progress, and provide detailed information on how effectively the learner studies English. The RM is required to unlock Mastery Tests, for locking/unlocking lessons, and for monitoring detailed study activities for classes and individual students.

Analyzer: Resides in the DynEd folder. This application allows you to troubleshoot your installation and set up clients.

UpToDate: Resides in the DynEd folder. Allows you to update any component of the DynEd installation over the Internet.

Records Server: Internet site hosted by DynEd International. It is used for Internet Records installations and storing study records and licensing information. It allows students to study from anywhere and anytime, as well as having access to their most recent study records.




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