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DynEd Product Numbers

DynEd products are sometimes referred to by number. The following is a list of DynEd products with corresponding number: 


80 Academic Plan I v5.0 

81 Academic Plan II v5.0 

82 Professional v5.0 

83  Professional Europe v5.0 


10 New Dynamic English v5.0

11 Alice in Wonderland v5.0 

12 Round the World  v5.0

13 Christmas Carol v5.0

14 Robin Hood  v5.0

15 e-Lective (Discontinued) v4.1

19 Custom Demo (no longer supported)  vx.x

20 Demo Disc (no longer supported) v6.6

25 First Hand Access (no longer supported) v3.0

26 Dynamic Japanese (no longer supported) v4.0

27  First English v5.0

29 Español Dinámico (no longer supported) v4.1

30 Placement Test (Aviation) v5.0

31 Speaking Test v5.0

32 Engage 1 (no longer supported) v1.1

33  Engage 2 (no longer supported) v1.1

34 English by the Numbers v5.0

35  Speaking Test Business v5.0

38 Functioning in Business v5.0

39 The Lost Secret v5.0

49 Let's Go v5.0

50 Placement Test v5.0

52 Hospitality English v5.0

53 Aviation English for Pilots (no longer supported) v5.0 

54 Aviation English v5.0

55 Teacher Training v5.0

56 Dialogue v5.0

57 English Proficiency Test v5.0

58 Speaking Practice v5.0

59 Dynamic Business English v5.0

60 Clear Speech Works v5.0

61 Test Mountain v5.0

62 Advanced Listening v5.0

63 English for Success v5.0

72 DynEd Kids  v5.0

73 Reading For Success v5.0

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