Technical Support: Q & A

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Getting Technical Support

How do I report a problem to DynEd?

In order to help you solve any existing problem we recommend you to do the following:



  1. Type of installation:
    - Stand-Alone or Networked
    - Course Name(s) and version(s) installed
    - Number of simultaneous users if this is a Networked Installation


  • A detailed description of the problem:
    - If the problem is reproducible, what are the exact steps?
    - If it displays an error message, what is the exact message?
    - Please provide a screen shot of what appears on the screen.
    - If there is more than one course installed, do all of the courses fail in the same way?
    - If some courses work but others fail, please consider re-installing the courses that are failing
    - If it's a networked installation does the problem happen on all of the client computers, a few or one?
    - Does the same problem occur if just one (or a few) users are working simultaneously?
  • The dyned log file
    - Send the log file from a client computer where the problem has occurred.
    - The log file can be found in the DynEd folder on the client machine.



Need more help? Get support and provide details about your issue.