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The records.ini file

What do the settings in the records.ini file mean?

You will find a file called "records.ini" in the dyned folder. Some of the values are described below. All of the setting should take care of themselves. The only ones that you might need to modify are (1) and (2), especially if you have changed the mapping of a drive or you have moved an Internet Records installation from one server to another. If you have a networked installation, there will also be a "records.ini" in the dyned folder on each local client. The main thing in the records.ini file on the client is a setting that points to the installation on the server such as: "launch_path_local=\\myserver\apps\dyned\"

  1. These Values must match the access users, especially if the drive is mapped
    • Windows

      records_ini_path_win=\\myserver\apps\dyned\ (ends with a back slash)
    • Mac

      records_ini_path_mac=myserver:apps:dyned: (ends with a colon)


  • To run a program automatically upon exiting of the dyned engine.




  • For sites with an Internet Records installation where students study off-line




  • For sites with an Internet Records installation where students ALWAYS study on-line




  • The best proxy values




  • Limit Records manager views to study records within this date range




  • Miscellaneous settings
    • Show_Gray_Background=n (to get rid of the grey) background screen when the course is running)
    • skip_spinning_cube=y (to avoid seeing the opening movie)
    • log_level=3 (amount of information to put in the dyned.log file. default is 3, max is 5)
    • launcher_picture=DynEd.jpg (JPEG picture to show in the launcher)
    • force_OS_lang=ENG (to force the menus and dialog to English or another language (SPN, JPN, PRT...)
    • dial_up_connection=y (to indicate if the connection is dial-up or always-on)
    • internet_lan=y (setting for Internet Records Discless
    • email_extension=xxxx (where xxxx is something like so that the students do not need to type in their full e-mail address)


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