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Run on OS-X clients (Win Server 2003)

Unable to run more than one Mac OS-X client at a time from a Windows 2003 server.

On Mac OSX computers connected to a Windows 2003 server I can only run with one student and I have a multi-user license. This is because you are logging in through SMB. You will need to log in through AFP.

AFP Login

  • Go to the server
  • In The Control Panels - Computer Management, click System Tools.
  • Right-click Shared Folders, and then click Configure File Server for Macintosh.



  • Under the Configuration Tab you will see Security, next to Enable authentication from the pull down choose Apple Clear Text or Microsoft.
  • Click "Apply" then click "OK"


Also check the following:

Now open the Shared Folders - Shares, look for the folder that you are sharing for the Mac (should have a small computer on top of the "share" hand)
Double click on that Share
Under the General Tab towards the bottom look for "This volume is read only" and un-check that box (if it is checked, if not just close all the windows), apply changes.

Note: If you have already installed the courseware do the steps above, then go to a client machine, log on to the server via AFP (When you connect to server you may write AFP://name or IP address of the server or browse and choose "My Network" folder) and open the DynEd folder on the server. Delete Launcher, Records Manager, UpToDate, Manual. You will then install the software on top of the previous installation, but will skip all content DVDs.


If "Configure File Server for Macintosh" does not show up when you right click the Share folder you have to install Macintosh File Sharing.

Follow these instructions:
To install File Server for Macintosh
Open the Windows Components wizard.
In Components, click Other Network File and Print Services (but do not select or clear its check box),  

Select Details. 

Select the File Services for Macintosh check box.
To install Print Server for Macintosh, you can also select the Print Services for Macintosh check box.

Click OK, and then select Next.

To open the Windows Components Wizard, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components.
Certain Windows components require configuration before they can be used. If you installed one or more of these components but did not configure them, when you click Add/Remove Windows Components, a list of components that need to be configured is displayed. To start the Windows Components Wizard, click Components.
You must have an NTFS partition installed before you install File Server for Macintosh.
When File Server for Macintosh and TCP/IP are installed, the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP/IP is enabled automatically.
If you have not already installed the AppleTalk protocol, the protocol is installed automatically when you install File Server for Macintosh.


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