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Progress Manager


  • You can turn the Progress Manager 'On' or 'Off' by editing the class.
  • The default for new classes in 'On'.
  • The default for existing classes in 'Off'.
  • Only works for programs that are using both the Path Manager and the Placement Manager:
  • Students take the PT
  • Students are asked to take a Confirmation MT for each core course they are studying (they should get a low score)
  • Students study, study, study...
  • Students re-take the MT (they should get a high score)
  • The Path Manager unlocks the next set of lessons
  • Students will be asked to take another Confirmation MT on the new material that has just opened
  • Students study, study, study
  • It is the end of the term and the teacher goes to "Options->Force Students to re-take the MT..." to ask everyone to retake the most recent Confirmation MT if they have studied more than 10 hours (of any course) since they first took the Confirmation MT 
    • The administrator runs the RM and goes to Reports->Administrator ->Study Report for these classes... 
    • They are prompted to choose a begin/end date for the report and they see a report showing the fields below
    • The MT-1 field will show the student's average score on the confirmation Mastery Tests -- material they have not studied yet (should be low)
    • The MT-2 field will show the student's average score on the real Mastery Tests -- materials they have studied (should be high)
    • The MT-DIF field (MT-2 minus MT-1) will show how much the student has progressed since they studied the materials

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