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How to switch a lab of StandAlone installations to a single Networked installation

1) Sit at a client
- Delete all DynEd folders (see Note)
- Use the DynEd Installation link and install to a place on your fileserver (Installation Guide) 
- Install each of the courses
2) Sit at each of the other clients
- Delete all DynEd folders (see Note)
- Create a shortcut to the DynEd\Launchw.exe file as described in the DynEd installation guide


1) The folders to delete are folders such as:
- C:\Program Files\DynEd
- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DynEd (XP)
- C:\ProgramData\Dyned (Vista/Windows 7,8,10)
2) As an option, you can delete everything but leave the folder "C:\Program Files\DynEd\Content". Why would you do this? The CONTENT directory holds the high bandwidth items such as the audio and video. If you leave the CONTENT directory to the client machine, the course will automatically find it and use this version rather than the version on the server. This means that you will be putting much less of a load on the server. Even if you later run the UpToDate application to update your installation, you will not need to update the files in the CONTENT directory on the local client machines.


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