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I get an "Invalid Installation" message

If You Get an Invalid Installation Message, please do the following:

1. Run UpTODate and update your DynEd applications to the latest version

2. If the problem remains, run the DynEd Analyzer to see if any obvious errors/issues are identified.

3. If a problem is found by the Analyzer, check DynEd's Support site for assistance in fixing the problem. It may be easier to find some solutions using DynEd's Technical FAQ

4. If you are unable to solve the problem, please send a copy of the DynEd_log.txt (after running UptoDate and the Analyzer). Also send a clear explanation of anything that was done, or changed, or occurred before the problem started to and CC your DynEd Representative. You do NOT need to send screen shots of the error message, or of the codes, as everything needed by our engineers will be indicated in the DynEd_log.txt file.

Need more help? Get support and provide details about your issue.