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How Study Paths (locked/unlocked lessons) are Affected When a Student Re-takes the PT

Here's my understanding of the various scenarios. All assume the Path Manager is ON. If the Path Manager is OFF, there is no automatic locking or unlocking of lessons (i.e., no Study Path):

1. New Student - Problematic Initial PT - a student has studied LESS than one hour and retakes the PT: the Path Manager will reset that student's study path according to the latest PT score; i.e., all locked and unlocked courses/units/lessons are automatically reset by the Path Manager in keeping with the new PT score.

2. Subsequent PT - a student has studied MORE than one hour and retakes the PT: (for instance, if the teacher simply unlocks the test in the RM, such as they might do if they wanted students to take the test again at the end of a course to see how much progress there had been - as a kind of post-test), the Path Manager does NOT reset the student's study path. Nothing is changed: the student's study path (locked and unlocked courses/units/lessons) remains as it was before he/she took the test, regardless of the PT score.

3. "Force Student to take the Placement Test" option, regardless of time studied: if the teacher chooses "Force student to take the Placement Test" in the Options menu in the RM, then the student/s will not be able to study anything else until they take the PT (essentially all other courses are locked).

Note that you will see a "(PT)" to the right of their name/s. Once the student takes the PT and the Path Manager resets their study path according to the new PT level, locking or unlocking modules/units/levels/lessons according to the new PT level.

BUT, in the latter case,

a. If the student gets a HIGHER score on the PT than the level that they have been studying at, they essentially jump ahead. The first time they next open NDE, etc., the student is also forced to take the new higher level MT that they would normally take as a confirmation of their PT level, just as would occur were this the first time they had taken the PT.

b. If the student gets a LOWER score on the PT (for some odd reason) than the level that they previously had been studying at, their old scores, % Completion, etc., still remain in their study records and SHOULD count towards what is required to progress.

4. Manually Inputting a Student's Placement Level - A teacher can also choose to Edit a student and (assuming the Group has been set up by DynEd -- i.e., me -- to allow "Advanced Student-Edit Options" - which I done for all your groups and sub-groups) and then opt to "Set Placement Level" for a student:

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