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How to set up a scheduled task

For networked installations, please set up the "Task Scheduler/Scheduled Task" from a client machine on the network, not directly on the server.




Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista
-Go to: Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler 
-Select the Action menu, and then click Create Basic Task.
-Type a name for the task and an optional description, and then click Next.
-Specify the schedule you want to use: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One time, click Next
-Specify the time and date, click Next
-Under the action select click Start a program, and then click Next.
-Click Browse to find the program you want to start.
Example: "\\myserver\english\dyned\Records Manager.exe"
-Add your group login and password in the Arguments field as: /SR:GROUP_LOGIN:GROUP_PASSWORD
-Click Finish.




Windows XP
1. Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel
2. Double click "Scheduled Tasks"
3. Double click "Add Scheduled Task"
4. Use the Wizard to fill in the fields
5. When asked for an application, choose the Records Manager.Exe in the DynEd directory.
6. Double click the new "Records Manager" task that appeared on the list
7. Click the "Task" tab
8. In the "Run" field, you will see the path name such as: 
"\\myserver\english\dyned\Records Manager.exe"
9. Add your Group login and Group password to the end of the path like this: 
"\\myserver\english\dyned\Records Manager.exe" /SR:GROUP_LOGIN:GROUP_PASSWORD
10. Check the checkbox that says "Run only if logged on"
11. Click the "Schedule" tab
12. Check the settings
13. Click the "Settings" tab
14. Check the settings




When you are done, test out the Scheduled task that you have created:
1. Go to "Start->Settings->Control Panel"
2. Choose "Scheduled Tasks"
3. Right-click the task that you have created
4. Choose "Run"

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