Technical Support: Q & A


NComputing (Thin Client)

If the desktop terminal is Windows 7, 8, 10 

1. Sit at a terminal and do a normal installation to C:\Program Files

 IMPORTANT: When prompted to install to C:\Program Files (x86) please change the path to install to C:\Program Files instead.

2. Locate the records.ini file from one of the locations below
      Windows 7,8,10: C:\ProgramData\DynEd\records.ini

3. Move the records.ini file to C:\Program Files\DynEd

4. Open the records.ini file (c:\program files\dyned\records.ini)

           a. Add the following two lines:

           b. Set the paths like this:
               records_path_win=C:\Program Files\DynEd\data
               data_path_win=C:\Program Files\DynEd\launch
               records_ini_path_win=C:\Program Files\DynEd\

5. Save the records.ini file with changes.

6. Run UpToDate to make sure that you are running the latest version


If the desktop terminal is running Windows Server OS

  1. Sit at a client machine. (Not the server - desktop terminal used for NComputing)
  2. Do a DynEd installation for Network(Installation instructions)  
  3. Browse to the DynEd folder on the server, and open records.ini
  4. Add the following line to the records.ini: use_user_folder=y
  5. Save and close the records.ini
  6. Go to any NComputing device and run the course.

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