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Why can we no longer access DynEd servers, it worked the other day?

Suddenly DynEd servers can not be accessed or are unavailable. Connecting to DynEd servers no longer works.

This article is intended for IT/network administrators.

If you used to be able to access DynEd servers such as the records servers or run software updates and this suddenly stopped working it may be because of an outdated firewall configuration. You may experience this problem as timeouts or connection failures.

There are a number of servers the DynEd software needs to access on a day to day basis. DynEd software connect to servers to:

  • Upload/Sync student records or adding groups, classes, students, etc. when using Internet Records.
  • Software updates

If there is a firewall connecting client computers to the Internet it is possible that access to the DynEd servers is controlled via IP addresses.  

DynEd occasionally has to upgrade server hardware or move servers to different facilities. This may require changes in the IP address.

If IP addresses changed and name servers provide the new address to your client computers then users will experience connection problems if the firewall is configured to allow only the old IP addresses.


The best way to resolve situations like this is to utilize a web proxy server and control access to web sites by host name and not by IP addresses.

Web proxy servers have the benefit of content caching which will improve network performance when download software updates. However, it is essential that a proxy server does not filter content, or alter the content for DynEd's record server requests or responses.

Check on a records server.

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