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How to create DynEd shortcuts on Desktop

Please use one of the following options to create a DynEd shortcut on the desktop. 

Option 1

Windows and Mac

  • Browse to your DynEd folder
  • Run the Analyzer application
  • Go to Options > Networked Client Setup > Create DynEd Shortcuts on Desktop
  • Select the shortcuts you need


Option 2


  • Browse to your DynEd folder
  • Right-Click the Launchw.exe
  • Select "Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) 


  • Open the Finder, and then browse to the DynEd folder (By default DynEd is located inside the Applications directory)
  • Select the Launcher or Records Manager application
  • Go to File > Make alias
  • Drag the alias to desktop


Note: Student computers only need DynEd Courseware icon (this creates shortcut called "Student" on desktop) Remember to confirm you have correct Privileges  

Networked installation:  Please contact your IT or DynEd admin to get the path where DynEd is installed

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