Technical Support: Q & A


Copying Content and Launch folder from Master client computer

1. Download the Setup program:

(Setup application file is called: Windows: Student_XXX.EXE or Mac: STUDENT_XXX.DMG )  

2. Run the Student shortcut from the desktop with a student that has path manager off and has all licenses
3. Download all the courses (one by one) 
4. Once download is complete confirm you have one of the following with enough space (minimum 8GB) USB, External Drive, DVD. 
5. Browse to your DynEd folder  C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\DynEd  (Mac OS: Applications: DynEd )
6. Locate the folders called:  content and launch

7. Copy these folders onto your external device 
8. You may also copy the DynEd Setup to your external device (Windows: Student_XXX.EXE or Mac: STUDENT_XXX.DMG) 
9. Eject the external device from the computer once the copying is completed 
On a different client computer: 
1. Insert the external device

2. Open to view files
3. Copy the DynEd setup to your desktop 
4. Execute the DynEd setup 
5. Browse to your DynEd folder: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\DynEd  (Mac OS: Applications: DynEd)

6. Copy from the external device the folders: content and launch TO DynEd folder 
Please Confirm you can login and see all the courses in bold letters and that you can run the courseware.  Do this at least once on each computer to set the Records Server to your correct Server 

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