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Proxy Servers and Internet Records

How will a Proxy Server affect me using the TCP/IP Records Manager?

Firewalls & Proxy Servers
A corporation uses Firewalls to limit the sites their employees can surf to on the internet and to protect the company from employees using up company bandwidth by large streaming files

They can limit access by:

  • Blocking/allowing access to only certain sites.
  • Blocking/allowing access to certain "ports". Generally HTTPS=port 80 and 443 and other common ports are allowed, while others are blocked.
  • Blocking access to certain ports but allowing traffic for that port to go via the Proxy server.

All DynEd applications talk HTTP to port 80. If an Internet browser works to surf the internet then DynEd should work. For Internet Records installations you need access to the sites on this page, according to your server.

If your corporation/school uses a ProxyServer and a Firewall, Dyned applications should go through them without you knowing this.
If it does have a problem check your Proxy Settings

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