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Handling more users on a network

To handle more simultaneous users on your network you could try the following:

  • Option 1
    Upgrade your server with more memory and/or a RAID hard drive configuration


  • Option 2
    Copy the content directory from the server to each client.
    The content directory holds the high bandwidth items such as the audio and video. If you copy the content directory to the client machine, the course will automatically find it and use this version rather than the version on the server. This means that you will be putting much less of a load on the server. 

To copy the content do the following:


Let's assume that you have already done a DynEd installation to your server called "\\myServer\Apps\DynEd." Do the following on each client:


  1. Sit at the client.
  2. Run the application: \\myServer\Apps\DynEd\Analyzer
  3. Use the Options->Networked Client Setup->Copy the content directory..."


The content folder will be copied into the following directory on each client computer: 

    • Windows 8 and 10: "C:\ProgramData\Dyned"
    • MacOS: "HD:Users:Shared:DynEd"

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