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Internet Records installation problems

If you are experiencing problems when installing or running the DynEd Internet Records (TCP/IP).
Please consider the following:

  • Confirm your internet connection works.
  • Verify that your DynEd installation is uptodate.
  • If you have an Internet Security Program like "Norton Internet Security" check the settings and confirm that the DynEd applications are allowed to access the internet.
  • Confirm your IT makes all of the Internet Sites accessed by DynEd, trusted sites. (White-listed) 
  • For Windows you could add sites to Trusted Sites via Internet Options 
  • If using a Proxy server confirm your Proxy settings.
  • If using a firewall allow access to the Dyned Applications and the Internet Sites accessed by DynEd.
  • Test the Connection Speed by going to: Broadband Reports

If you are still experiencing problems please do the following:
Send the dyned.log file to:, from a client machine where the problem occurred.
Make sure to include the following information:
1. Type of Internet connection 
2. Are you accessing the Internet through a "Firewall"?
3. Are you accessing the Internet through a "Proxy Server"?
4. Are you connecting from home or from your office?


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