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Norton Internet Security

DynEd applications can't access the Internet.

When our courses run and try to access the Internet, Norton should automatically ask you if you want to allow this program to access the Internet. Here are some instructions on how to modify the permissions by hand.

  1. Run Norton Internet Security
  2. Choose the button "Norton Internet Security-System Status & Settings"
  3. Select "Personal Firewall"
  4. Click on "Configure"
  5. Choose the "Programs" tab
  6. Under "Manual Program Control", you should see a list of programs
  7. To add a DynEd program if the applications are not already listed:
  8. Click on "Add"
  9. Browse to your Dyned Folder
  10. Select the applications one at a time (Launchw.exe, Records Manager.exe, UpToDate.Exe, launch\xxxxxxxx\Dynedw.Exe
  11. Click "Open"
  12. You will get a prompt asking: "What do you want to do?"
  13. From the pull-down menu, select: "Permit"
  14. Click OK
  15. Repeat for the other applications
  16. To modify a DynEd program
  17. Browse to each of the DynEd Applications (Setup.exe, Launchw.exe, Records Manager.exe, UpToDate.Exe, Dynedw.Exe
  18. Select the application
  19. Click on "Modify"
  20. You will get a prompt asking: "What do you want to do?"
  21. From the pull-down menu, select: "Permit"
  22. Click OK

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