Technical Support

How to use DynEd Analytics to check WSS scores:


1) Click here to run DynEd Analytics (FAQ)

  • Bookmark this link if you have not already done so
  • Select your Records Server

2) Log in to DynEd Analytics

  • Use your normal Records Manager login and password (Admin or Monitor)

3) Select the groups for which you want to see the report

  • You should see a list of your Partners.
  • If not, drill down by clicking the blue links (not the checkboxes)
  • Click "Select All"
  • Click "View Reports..."

4) Select the data that you want in the report (the settings will be remembered)

  • Type: GROUP
  • From: Set to about 3 months ago
  • To: Set to last month (you can only access data through the last full month)
  • Period: MONTHLY
  • Data options: WSS Average (optional: Active Students, Average Time, Days/Month)

5) Run the report

  • Click "Apply"
  • Wait about a minute
    • You should now see the report -- one line for each Partner
  • Sort the report based on the WSS of the most recent month
    • Change the pull-down to "WSS Average"
    • Click on the most recent date (like 11/13)
  • Find the Channel Partner or Country with the worst WSS
    • Scroll down and look for the groups with the worst WSS scores
  • Export the report
    • Change the pull-down to XLS and click Save As...

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