Technical Support

The Tutor button: The Tutor provides information and recommendations about a student's study pattern. The information is based on an analysis of actual student usage from programs around the world.  The Tutor uses study data for students and classes and looks for key patterns that determine the effectiveness of language practice.  For example: A student's listening comprehension will progress slowly if he or she uses too much of the "text" button instead of repeating the audio.  The Tutor will show the message: "Too much text button compared to repeat button."

More Detail button: more detailed explanations will be shown.  For example for the message, "Study too infrequent", the Tutor will show: "Students should study at least 3-4 times per week. Frequent study sessions are most effective."

Export button: Allows you to create a text file which includes the Tutor messages shown on the screen.

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