Chromebook Tips & Troubleshooting for DynEd Pro

DynEd Pro on Chromebook™

This app is intended for students registered at institutions with existing DynEd licenses. In the Courseware View, only the courses for which you are licensed will be displayed in the top row.

Hardware Recommendations

  • Chromebook must support Android applications
  • Chrome OS Version: 53 or later
  • ARM and Intel Processors
  • Wi-Fi access point that supports 802.11n
  • Headphones with a microphone are highly recommended
  • Enough storage capacity available to install the courses.
  • The average size of our courses is about 500 MB. See Downloading Courses for details.

Installing the DynEd application

If you are using Google Chrome management, please refer to Google’s Chromebook help center: Managing Individual apps on Chrome.
  1. Confirm the Google Play Store is enabled in the Chromebook Settings
  2. Open the Google Play Store app.
  3. Search for the DynEd app. and tap on install.
  4. Tap the open icon to open DynEd (or look for DynEd in the Apps Tray)
  5. At the login screen please select a Records Server and a Support Language.
    • (If you do not know your Records Server, contact your school or DynEd Sales Rep.)
  6. Enter your DynEd login ID and password if any and tap Sign In.

Courseware Download

  1. To download a course(s) press and hold the green arrow icon.
  2. Tap on download when prompted to install (wait for files to download)
  3. Tap on the course icon on bottom row to select a module.

Non-Touch Chromebooks

  1. Confirm that the track pad arrow is on green download arrow for the course you wish to download
  2. Press and hold down the trackpad for about 2 -4 seconds
  3. It should Prompt to Download
  4. Select Download
  5. After download is complete the icon for the course will no longer be a low opacity and you should be able to enter the course.

Language Support

This app is available in the following OS languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Traditional Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.


To uninstall a course, hold down the course icon for one second. Tap Uninstall. This will delete the entire course.

To Update

To update a course, hold down the course icon for one second. Tap Update. This will check if there are any new files on our file server and download them if necessary.

Courseware Navigation

Back arrow: goes to the previous view or exits to the Courseware View
Microphone: records your voice to practice speaking
Headset: plays back your recorded speech
Rewind: goes back to the previous frame
Repeat icon: repeats what was last said
Play/Pause icon: starts and stops the lesson
Fast Forward: goes to the next frame
Aa: displays the text version of the spoken directions - if a yellow word is tapped, a glossary window will appear
Globe: translates the text into the selected support language (audio, if it exists)
Timer: counts down the time in a lesson

Data Synchronization

The user's data is synced with our Records Server on each log in and exit. If an Internet connection is not available or in Airplane mode, the app will automatically go into Study-Offline mode. Your records will synchronize the next time you log in when a connection is available.


Invalid E-mail address or Password
Please check your Student Login ID (e-mail address) and Password with your teacher. Then, in the Sign In View, tap the Settings icon and make sure that you select your Records Server.

Download Failed Connection
In the Home Screen, tap Settings. Tap Wi-Fi. Slide to OFF then ON again to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Tap Display then Sleep. Select Never to keep the device from going to sleep. Be sure that the device is plugged in and the battery indicator shows that it's charging. The device may be turning off the Wi-Fi connection when it goes to sleep. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi access point hardware is running on the latest version of its firmware. Use a Wi-Fi access point that supports 802.11n.

Cannot find file error
In the error dialog box, tap OK. Exit app then log into DynEd again. Hold down the course icon for one second. Tap Update to download any missing files from our file server.

Version file problem or Reset user
In the Sign In View, enter reset (lower case) for both Student Login ID and Password. Tap Sign In. Activity indicator will spin. Student Login ID and Password should be blank and it will prompt you to select a Records Server and a Support Language. Log in with your Student Login ID and Password.

Device acting strangely...may need to Restart to clear the memory cache
Press and hold the Power button then tap Power off. Wait for a few seconds then press the Power button again to start the device. Log into DynEd again.

Speech Recognition (SR)
DynEd's SR works best with a 3.5mm stereo headphones with microphone. If you do not have one, remove the cover from your device, just in case it is covering the built-in microphone.

Peer-to-Peer Downloading
Make sure that all of the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. If your tablet can receive broadcast messages and another device near you has the courseware data you need, then there will be a blue circle indicator in the upper right corner of the courseware icon. If you do not see a blue circle indicator, there are certain tablets that cannot receive broadcast messages in certain network subnets and your device will have to download from the default file server. More details.

Screen Resolution Problem
If the screen does not look right, we will need to get the precise resolution. Download "Screen Oracle" to your Android device, install it, run it and take two screenshots, one vertical and one horizontal. Send us the screenshots.

How to find the OS Version
Tap Settings > About Device > Android Version

Additional Help

If none of these solutions work for you, please contact us:
In the Sign In View or Courseware View, tap the Info icon in the bottom right corner. Tap Report a Problem. This will attach your DYNED_LOG.TXT file to the email. Type more information on how to reproduce the problem. Tap Send and your email will be sent to DynEd Support.