iOS Tips & Troubleshooting for DynEd Pro

DynEd Pro for iPad® or iPhone®

This app is intended for students registered at institutions with existing DynEd licenses. In the Courseware View, only the courses for which you are licensed will be displayed in the top row.

Hardware Recommendations

  • iOS Version: 8.0 or higher
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi access point that supports 802.11n
  • Headphones with a microphone are highly recommended
  • Depending on the courses you plan to install, please confirm that you have enough free space on your device
  • The average size of our courses is about 500 MB. See Downloading Courses for details.
  • This app runs in the background
  • This app does not download courses in the background

How To Install DynEd Pro Courses on an iPad or iPhone

Please note: Only students with existing DynEd licenses, i.e., who are already registered in the Records Manager through their school or training organization, can download and access DynEd Pro courses using the DynEd app on their iOS device.

1. Open the App Store on your device

2. Search for "DynEd" and download the free DynEd App (around 9 MB)

This App does not contain all of the Multimedia files needed to run the course(s). Additional downloads are required.

3. Tap the DynEd App icon and Log in using your usual DynEd details:
  • your Student Login ID (which must already be registered in the Records Manager)
  • your password (if you use one; otherwise leave blank)
  • set the Records Server to the region you've been assigned (If you are unsure of your region, check with your DynEd representative.)

4. Click on a Green Arrow to download a DynEd course. On some phones you may need to touch and hold the course icon you wish to download.

Only courses that your class is licensed for in the Records Manager will be listed for download.

Important Notes:

For details on download times see, DynEd Course Download Sizes and Times.

Before starting to download a DynEd course:

1. Please set your Auto-Lock to Never (Settings->General->Auto-Lock->Never) so that the iPad won't automatically go to sleep and interfere with the Wi-Fi connection and downloading
2. If you have a cellular data plan, please turn it off (Settings->Cellular Data->Cellular Data->Slide OFF)

Before running DynEd the first time, be sure to connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi network (Settings->Wi-Fi-> Slide ON, Choose a Network...)

If the iPad exhibits any problems (e.g., becoming very slow, crashing, etc.), reset the iPad to clear the memory cache.

The DynEd Records Manager cannot be installed on to, or run from, an iOS or Android device at this time. Teachers, therefore, need to install the DynEd Records Manager on to a computer.

Language Support

The app is available in the following iOS languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Traditional Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.


To uninstall a course: hold down the course icon for one second. Tap the black x icon, tap Uninstall. This will delete the entire course.

To Re-install

To re-install a course: hold down the course icon for one second. Tap the black x icon, tap Re-install. This will check if there are any new files on our file server and download them, if necessary.

Courseware Navigation

Back arrow: goes to previous screen or exits to Courseware View
Microphone: records your voice to practice speaking
Headset: plays back your recorded speech
Rewind: goes back to the previous "slide"
Repeat icon: repeats what was last said
Play/Pause icon: starts and stops the lesson
Fast Forward: goes to the next "slide"
Aa: displays the text version of the spoken directions - if a yellow word is tapped, a glossary window will appear
Globe: translates the text into the selected support language (audio, if exists)
Timer: counts down time in a lesson

Data Synchronization

The user’s data is synced with our Records Server on each log in and exit. If an Internet connection is not available or in Airplane Mode, the app will automatically go into Study-Offline mode. Your records will synchronize the next time you log in when a connection is available.


Invalid E-mail address or Password

Please check your Student Login ID (e-mail address) and Password with your teacher. Then, in the Sign In View, tap the Settings icon and make sure that you select the Records Server that your account is on.

Download Failed Connection

In the Home Screen, tap Settings. Tap Wi-Fi. Slide to OFF then ON again to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Set Auto-Lock to Never to keep the iPad from going to sleep. Be sure that the iPad is plugged in and the battery indicator has a lightning bolt on it. The iPad may be turning off the Wi-Fi connection when it goes to sleep. Also, make sure your Wi-Fi access point hardware is running the latest version of its firmware. Use a Wi-Fi access points that support 802.11n.

Cannot find file error

In the error dialog box, tap OK. Exit app then log into DynEd again. Hold down the course icon for one second or until the black delete x icon appears. Tap the black delete x icon. Tap Reinstall to download any missing files from our file server.

Version file problem or Reset user

In the Sign In View, enter reset (lower case) for both Student Login ID and Password. Tap Sign In. Activity indicator will spin. Student Login ID and Password should be blank and it will prompt you to select a Records Server and Support Language. Log in with your Student Login ID and Password.

No sound on other apps

You might have accidentally hit the mute button that is next to the volume control on the side of the device.

Device acting strangely...may need to Restart to clear the memory cache

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears. Slide the slider. Wait for a few seconds while your iPad shuts down. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. Slide to unlock and log into DynEd again.

Speech Recognition (SR)

DynEd's SR works best with a 3.5mm stereo headphones with microphone. If you do not have one, remove the iPad cover just in case it is covering the built-in microphone.

Additional Help

If none of these solutions work for you, please contact us:
In the Sign In View or Courseware View, tap the Info icon in the bottom right corner. Tap Report a Problem. This will attach your DYNED_LOG.TXT file to the email. Type more information on how to reproduce the problem. Tap Send and your email will be sent to DynEd Support.