Server Requirements

Minimum System Requirement for Network Servers

  Memory CPU DVD-ROM Hard Drive** NIC*
DynEd Course Requirements 16 GB RAM 2 GHz Optional RAID 0, or 5
2 - 4 drives

* NIC = Network Interface Card. An Ethernet card that connects your machine to the network. These requirements are the same for the Server, Client, and the Hub/Switch they are connected to.

** Multiple Hard Drives - This is optional depending on the number of students that will be running the courseware simultaneously. If more than 40 simultaneous students will be running the course then you will need a RAID. Yet, there are other options if a RAID can't be put together. Please contact your sales representative for other options.

Which Way to Network DynEd

DynEd products provide two networking solutions for networking Windows or Macintosh computers. The first level of networking is simply to network the student records while the courseware content is stored locally on each client machine, with or without a CD. The second level is to load the content of the CDs onto a file server along with the student records to provide a completely disc-less learning environment.

If you intend to run your software with the courseware content stored locally on each client machine, with only your student records on a network server, the server demands are very light. This would be an excellent solution for customers that already have a large amount of data on their network or have a relatively slow network.

Demands of the Client Computer

DynEd imposes no limits on the number of simultaneous students who can study over a network, depending on your license, but all network environments have inherent limitations that could cause slow response times when the load exceeds its capacity. This is true for all products running over a network. The minimum requirements for a client computer are the same as those for a stand-alone computer with the addition of the network adapter.

Evaluating Your Network

Download (pdf) a network requirements work sheet. Fill out this form and fax it to us or to your DynEd representative. We will evaluate your current network installation and from the data you provide we will be able to tell whether your network has the potential to handle your preferred product from DynEd.

Performance will vary depending on network traffic from other applications being run simultaneously over the same network. It is best to test the performance of your network environment in a controlled live test, simulating the same load you would expect during normal use.

Disc Space Requirements For Disc-less Installations

Hard drives should have no less than 10% of its capacity free to maintain optimal performance. In addition to the 10%, DynEd recommends creating larger partitions on your hard drives than the minimum hard drive requirements stated here. This will allow for greater flexibility and growth (e.g. adding additional language support, storing student records, installing additional courses.)

Review the detailed disc requirements.