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Reinstalling QuickTime

How do I reinstall QuickTime?

You may want to reinstall QuickTime if...

  • You have an older version of Quick Time
  • You believe that your Quick Time installation is corrupted
  • You have a "Minimum" installation of Quick Time rather than a "Recommended" installation
    Note: A "Minimum" Installation of Quick Time will prevent you from using the voice-record feature in the program

To Uninstall QuickTime first
- Go to Start->Programs->QuickTime->Uninstall QuickTime
- Click "Uninstall QuickTime" (or "Uninstall Everything")

Installing Quicktime from Apple's website
- Go to
- Download QuickTime
- Install QuickTime

Installing Quick Time using DynEd's Installation CD
- Insert the Installation CD or DVD
- Close the application that auto-starts
- Browse to this directory on the CD: Install\Win\QTW
- Double click the application called QuickTimeInstaller.exe, do not copy it to your desktop
- Re-install QuickTime.


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