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Could not open tgxxx.pdf file

I can't open these files:
TGTLSE.pdf, TGNDEE.pdf, TGFIBE.pdf, TGEFSE.pdf, TGEDE.pdf, TGDEEE.pdf, TGALE.pdf

These files are all Teacher Guides that have been encrypted because we do not want students to be able to see them. Have the teachers try this:
- Run the Records Manager.
- Highlight a class name and click Select.
- Go to Help->Documentation.
- The Teacher Guides for the courses that you have licensed should appear on the list.
- Select one and it should open automatically in Acrobat Reader.

To Download the files:
- Go to
- Look for "Teacher's manual: Dynamic Business English"
- Click "Download now"
To obtain the user and password required please contact your sales rep.

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