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How to install DynEd Pro without QuickTime (Windows only)

Installing DynEd applications

  1. Download the DynEd Installer according to your records server:
  2. Click Run and then click Setup
  3. Click Install or Browse to set the location where DynEd will be installed 
  4. Click I Accept on the License agreement
  5. If prompted to do so, install DirectX 9
      • Click Install
      • Select I Accept the agreement and click Next
      • Once it is complete click Finish

       6. Run UptoDate and update anything that is out-of-date  



IMPORTANT: When installing to a server

      • In step 3, select the shared volume
      • Confirm that you run the installer from a client computer
      • Make sure your shared folder is NOT called DynEd and that you have full read/write privileges to the shared point and the files within
      • The first time you run on each machine you will be prompted to install DirectX 9 if not already installed


If you have any questions please see our Getting Technical Help  page. 

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