Records Manager

DynEd's Records Manager is an award-winning learning management system specifically designed for language learning. It can be used for all DynEd installation options, from networked lab settings to individual home study.

The Records Manager tracks, controls, and provides feedback regarding the study activities of classes and individual students. The password-protected system details each learner's activities and study history. It includes test scores, study time and frequency, learning path, and detailed information about how the student is using study features such as voice record, speech recognition, and repetition, all of which are particularly important for language learning. The records can be printed, exported, or e-mailed for insertion into alternative database systems as required.

  • Tracks and directs activities of specific importance to language learning and testing
  • Uses Path Manager to lock and unlock appropriate lessons, courses, and tests
  • Keeps detailed class and individual records for each course and lesson
  • Password-protected at various levels for security and control
  • Uses Intelligent Tutor to assess and improve the quality of student activities
  • Allows messaging between teacher and students
  • Internet version (i-RM) allows consolidation of records from anywhere in the world
  • Records Manager Guide
  • and more...

For more information, please download the Records Manager Guide.

Individual Study

Individual study records may be kept on the local hard drive or USB of the student and periodically added to or synchronized with class records on a network or on the Internet as required.


Where local area networks (LAN) exist, all study records are stored on the LAN server.

Study records may be consolidated from students studying at a distance via email or Internet.


Where multiple LANs exist, study records will be stored on local workgroup servers.

Where the LANs are interconnected, records may stored on a single LAN/WAN server.

Multiple Building, Campus, Or District-Wide

Where a WAN exists, study records can be stored on a single server or on multiple local workgroup servers.

Distance Education/Training

With DynEd's Internet Records Manager (i-RM), study records from all of the above can be stored on DynEd's web server.