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Unable to e-mail Reports

Unable to e-mail Billing or Product Reports

If you are having a problem sending e-mails through the Records manager please click here.

You can also try to send the file as an attachment using your regular e-mail client program. The report is written to a temporary text file on your client machine.
To locate the file browse to the DynEd folder and look for the "dynstat.txt" file

  • Windows


  • Macintosh
    "Macintosh HD:../Users/Shared/DynEd"  


Each time a new report is created, the previous copy is overwritten unless it has been renamed. Additionally, when the Records Manager is closed, the temporary "dynstat.txt" file is permanently deleted. Although this file can be read when opened with a standard text editor, it is advised that users open the report in a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft® Excel, for enhanced viewing.


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