Advanced Listening

Advanced Listening is an award-winning course that features lectures from well-known Stanford University professors. The course develops listening strategies, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

  • Advanced - CEFR C1+
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Genes and Gene Therapy
  • The Chinese Economy
  • How to Give a Lecture
  • The History of Slavery
  • The Geology of Volcanoes
  • The "Invention" of the Airplane
  • Principles of Child Psychiatry
  • Women and Social Reform
  • World-famous Lecturers from Stanford University
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Records Manager
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Written by Michael Berman, Advanced Listening is a strategy-based listening course for advanced ESL/EFL students built around authentic lectures from Stanford University professors. These are real video segments of actual presentations from some of Stanford's best lecturers, including a Pulitzer Prize winner and a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" recipient.

Advanced Listening specifically develops high-level listening and note-taking skills for those striving to succeed in academic or professional environments. This course builds student confidence to tackle even the most challenging listening situations.

DynEd's Advanced Listening component is a useful and interesting tool for our academic students. The lectures are challenging, but the accompanying listening, vocabulary and language activities provide students with the necessary scaffolding to make much of the material comprehensible".

Carol Wilson-Duffy
Michigan State University


Target Audience

Advanced Listening is the perfect course for those who wish to make the jump from "textbook" English to real-life language. The course is designed for several student profiles:

  • students who wish to improve their listening skills at the highest levels
  • everyone preparing to study in English-based university or post-graduate programs
  • anyone involved in international business or related professions
  • those preparing to take the TOEFL®, TOEIC®, or UCLES exams, such as the FCE, the CAE and/or the CPE

Thematic Variety

Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3
Dealing With Stress Genes and Gene Therapy The Chinese Economy
Lecture 4 Lecture 5 Lecture 6
How to Give a Lecture The History of Slavery The Geology of Volcanoes
Lecture 7 Lecture 8 Lecture 9
The Invention of the Airplane Principles of Child Psychiatry Women and Social Reform

A Strategy-Based Approach


A broad set of listening strategy notes is easily accessible through the Help menu under Documentation. These notes give students detailed suggestions about how to approach various aspects of listening and note taking. In addition, every listening exercise is linked to helpful strategies and tips, so if a student is having trouble with detail questions, for example, he or she can simply go to “This Lesson” through the Help menu and get help specific to that listening skill.

An Instructor's Dream

Advanced Listening, while being a powerful and far-reaching language-learning program, is also refreshingly simple in design. The screens are clear and uncluttered, and users advance through the program easily and deductively. This combination of sound pedagogy, exciting lecture material from Stanford University, and simple design makes life easy for instructors and engaging and productive for students.

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use Instructor’s Manual provides teachers with suggestions, lesson plans, quizzes, lecture scripts, and other resources which reinforce the many skills in Advanced Listening. The IM also gives teachers tactics for adjusting the level of the exercises, and provides a bibliography of recommended books and articles on second-language listening.
  • DynEd's award-winning Records Manager is a sophisticated record-keeping system for teachers and administrators that stores, organizes and tabulates detailed study records of learners using any of DynEd's courses.