Clear Speech Works
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Designed by speech pathology experts, Clear Speech Works is one of the keys to opening the door to clear, confident communication in English.

  • Intermediate - Advanced
  • 24 Interactive Units
  • Key Phoneme Contrasts
  • Voice Record and Playback
  • Videos to Model Sounds
  • Sound Discrimination Exercises
  • Records Manager
  • Lesson Plans for speakers of 42 languages and dialects
  • Over 5,000 Examples of Words, Sentences, and Specialized Vocabulary



This award-winning, supplementary product is based on proven instructional strategies and techniques developed by speech pathology professors at Boston's Northeastern University. Clear Speech Works maximizes the effectiveness of multimedia by focusing on skills necessary to improve clarity and confidence in English: listening and speech repetition.

Lesson Types

First, depending on the student's native language, a study path is created from among the 24 Units. Then the student works through each of the selected Units, each of which has lessons like the following:

  • Sound Discrimination helps students hear differences between sounds.
  • Word Pair and Sentence practice
  • Workplace Practice lessons for additional practice
  • Professional Vocabulary
  • Video presentations offer tips and advice on making English sounds.

Sample Screens

csw-mainm Select a Unit
csw-unit6 Select a specific area of focus
csw-samdif Hear the difference between sounds
csw-provoc Listen, say, and record words and sentences
csw-workp Practice in the workplace
csw-bvvid View Video presentations