DynEd Kids
Award of Excellence 2013 Bessie Award

DynEd Kids uses insights from neuroscience to build a strong language base for primary school students who need both conversational and academic English. The course features a charming, friendly cast of characters and is built around a series of animated videos and engaging language exercises. A wide variety of topics and language structures are covered, making this course suitable as core material.

DynEd Kids Unit 8 Screen
  • 7 - 10 year old students
  • Beginner-Basic (0.2-0.7)
  • 16 units - 64 lessons
  • Variety of coordinated lessons, exercises and games
  • Well-designed Scope and Sequence
  • Content adjusts to student performance
  • 4-Skills sequencing: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Placement and Mastery Tests
  • Teacher's Guide with classroom suggestions and worksheets
  • Teacher training and support
  • Voice Record/Playback interactivity

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This groundbreaking course uses DynEd's advanced language sequencing to prepare students for academic English. DynEd Kids completes a series of courses that support English acquisition focused on children ages 5 through 12. Core content is presented and practiced through animation-based listening and comprehension lessons, vocabulary building exercises and five different types of games to build both listening and reading comprehension. The course introduces new techniques mixing audio, visual and text prompts to develop working-memory skills required for language chunking and automaticity.

A Bridging Course to Academic English

DynEd Kids prepares students for an academic English focus. Students who complete the course are ready to study English for Success, which prepares students for a full course curriculum in English.

DynEd Kids Chaacters

Teachers Manage Learning

DynEd Kids is designed to be a teacher-supported course, where teachers can:

  • Place learners at the appropriate level.
  • Monitor and direct progress at both individual and class levels.
  • Lock and unlock units or lessons to manage learning paths.

Students Learn Efficiently

DynEd Kids provides a solid framework that facilitates language acquisition, not short-term memorization that quickly fades. Language items appropriate for this age group are modeled, exercised, reviewed and recycled in an expanding sequence so that students build on what they have learned, step-by-step. DynEd Kids supports efficient language learning by providing:

  • A learner-friendly cast of characters in a variety of interesting and useful situations.
  • A variety of coordinated lessons and exercises to keep students engaged.
  • A well-designed Scope and Sequence that aids the "bootstrapping" learning process.
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record/Playback to promote language mastery and oral fluency.
  • Content that automatically adjusts to student performance.

Teacher Support

  • Instructor's Guide with teaching suggestions and handouts
  • Extension Activities and Lesson Plans
  • Detailed Scope and Sequence
  • Award-winning Records Manager
  • Teacher training programs

Course Structure


Each unit has one or two short animated Dialogs that present key topics and language models, along with comprehension questions.

videoframe1 videoframe1


These lessons are divided into 2 or 3 parts. Each part presents and expands on the language from the Dialogs. Key language patterns are presented, along with comprehension questions.



These lessons are divided into 3 parts. Each part presents a different set of vocabulary words and text. There are comprehension tasks and a Quiz to engage students with the vocabulary and word reading.



These lessons include several types of learning games, each with a different focus. Units 1-8 include spelling, fill-in, and matching exercises, each in a game format. Units 9-16 include sentence construction, fill-in, and matching exercises. Units 15 and 16 also include sentence ordering exercises. These games provide on-going review and reinforcement practice.