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Clients can't run installation

I installed directly to the server. The course does not work from the clients.

If you were doing a networked installation and the courseware only works when you sit at the server, but no when you sit at a client. It is possible you installed directly on the server, with DynEd products the installation should be done from a client computer, not at the server itself. That is why during the installation you got the message "It appears that you are using a networked license to install onto a non-networked drive. If you plan to access this drive from another computer, then please exit now and re-run this installer from the other (client) computer." If this is the case then please try the following options to correct the problem:


  1. Sit at a client.
  2. Insert the installation CD and run the setup program.
  3. Click "Browse" on the "Installation Options" screen
    and browse to the DynEd directory on the server.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click INSTALL.
  6. Click CANCEL and exit out of the setup program.
  7. Go to a client computer.
  8. Browse to the DynEd directory of the server and Double click the launchw.exe application.


  1. Go to a client machine
  2. Browse to the DynEd folder on the network where you did this installation
  3. Open the DynEd\records.ini file on the server
  4. Look for these entries:
    • records_path_win=D:\Program Files\DynEd\data
    • data_path_win=D:\Program Files\DynEd\launch
    • records_ini_path_win=D:\Program Files\DynEd\
    • launch_path_local=D:\Program Files\DynEd\

  5. Change the paths to match the path that a student would use to get to the DynEd directory on the server. For example, if the path is \\myserver\apps\DynEd, then change them like this (notice that the last two have slashes at the end):
    • records_path_win=\\myserver\apps\DynEd\data
    • data_path_win=\\myserver\apps\DynEd\launch
    • records_ini_path_win=\\myserver\apps\DynEd\
    • launch_path_local=\\myserver\apps\DynEd\

    For example, if all clients have the drive mapped to the G: drive and it is installed to G:\apps\DynEd, then change then like this:
    • records_path_win=G:\apps\DynEd\data
    • data_path_win=G:\apps\DynEd\launch
    • records_ini_path_win=G:\apps\DynEd\
    • launch_path_local=G:\apps\DynEd\

  6. Save/Close the file
  7. Double click \\myserver\apps\DynEd\Launchw.Exe and confirm that you can run from the client (any of the clients)
  8. Double click \\myserver\apps\DynEd\Records Manager.Exe and confirm that you can run from the client (any of the clients)

Still not working please send us the following files via e-mail to:
1. The dyned.log file from the client machine where you were just sitting.
2. The "records.ini" file from the dyned directory on the server.

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