Recommended Headsets

DynEd's support staff has tested the following headsets and found them to function properly with DynEd courseware.

Mac/Win = Computer system with Analog audio input. USB = Computer with an available USB port.
Win Mac USB Microphone Model Notes SRP[1]
andrea-nc95.jpg Andrea NC-185
Contact Cathy Garafola at
1 (800) 442-7787 x203
Entry-level headset compatible with most all Windows PC sound cards $30
* andrea-nc185.jpg Andrea NC-185VM USB
Contact Cathy Garafola at
1 (800) 442-7787 x203
This USB headset has active noise canceling and would improve speech recognition results. As a DynEd customer you will receive special pricing. $50
* califone-4100-usb.gif Califone 4100-USB
For systems that don't have an analog audio input. This headset uses the USB port to deliver audio to the SR engine. $49
* logitech-ClarChatComfort.png Logitech ClearChat™ Comfort USB
USB Headset compatible with both Mac and Windows $40
†. To use this headset with a USB Macintosh you would need to add a USB audio adapter like the Griffin Technologies iMic or the Macally iVoice.
*. These headsets work with any computer Macintosh or Windows with an available USB port.
1. Prices are provided for comparison purpose only, actual prices will vary from retailer to retailer. Prices are subject to change without notice. DynEd does not sell headsets.

Macintosh Computer Systems

DynEd recommends the use of a USB headset with your Macintosh computer systems. Since the Macintosh microphone connectors are not compatible with standard headsets, using a USB headset give you more consistent results. The following machines do not have microphone inputs: iBook, PowerBook G4, iMac (LCD Flat Panel), eMac, Power Macintosh G4 (Cube, Digital Audio, Quicksilver, Mirrored Drive Doors & FireWire 800), Power Macintosh G5, and the iMac G5.

DynEd can not guarantee the performance of any third part vendor.