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It is normal for beginner students to take a short amount of time. Each part of the Placement Test can take from 2 to 24 minutes, depending on their level. Remember that the test is computer-adaptive, so will identify when a student starts making non-consecutive then consecutive mistakes. It is designed to identify when the student can no longer answer automatically; automaticity equals having mastered the language. If the students didn’t concentrate on taking the test, they would have lost points from letting the timer run down and not answering the question, even though they may have known the answer. If they did concentrate and missed questions because they didn’t know the material, this is the correct placement level.


This is how the stars appear per CPs (Complete Percentage) :


25% = 1 star

50% = 2 stars

80% = 3 stars


3 stars is considered Complete.  



To minimize the focus on detailed student records the Lets Go Teacher Guide has only this:


Locked Units are Grey: 

As students study the lessons in each open unit, they will earn Stars. 

Three Stars means that the student has successfully completed that lesson.

When a student completes all the lessons in a unit, a checkmark will appear on the course menu. 


• The blue dot allows the student to visually distinguish

between units/lessons that are not available to them

without having to click on the tile. 

• If a student clicks on a grey tile with a blue dot, they will

see the message, "This item is not in your subscription


• If a student clicks on a grey tile without a blue dot they

will see the usual message telling them what other

lessons/MTs that they need to do first in order for that

unit/lesson to unlock


DynEd’s Grading Report is a popular tool in many K-12 and university DynEd programs.

It allows teachers to quickly generate a DynEd course grade during any period, in real-time or retroactively.

All a teacher needs to do is set the goals for the period and the Grading Report does the rest!

If a DynEd Certification course is active for the class, individual courses are replaced by the Certification Plan assigned to the class 

For more information please consult DynEd's Grading Report Guide 

Release 012 (June 26, 2017)

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