Dynamic Business English
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This time-proven course develops the English language skills necessary for effective oral presentations, interviews, meetings, and planning.

Its companion course, Functioning in Business, addresses key business situations and cultural issues.

  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Video and Graphics-based lessons
  • Speech Recognition and Voice Record
  • Comprehension and Speaking Exercises
  • Placement and Mastery Tests
  • Award-winning Records Manager
  • Intelligent Tutor
  • Teacher Training and Support
  • Teacher's Guide with class suggestions and handouts
  • ... and more
  • Do well in international standardized tests
  • Use English effectively in job and professional situations
  • Meet language requirements for job and professional advancement
  • Make effective oral presentations at conferences and meetings


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This 6-part course develops listening, oral fluency, and presentation skills. The focus is on major themes that are universal in business, including employee and company history, job description, areas of responsibility, product comparisons, decision making, and planning. As students go through the course, they develop their listening comprehension, oral fluency, meeting skills, and confidence in English.

The course focuses on the language concepts, grammar, and vocabulary needed to communicate in business situations across a wide range of industries. Information questions and answers, oral presentations, and interviews form the core of the course. Ideally, these skills need to be developed in classroom activities or in other teacher-supported interactions that support the course. A comprehensive Teacher's Guide is available, with classroom suggestions, handouts, and suggestions for further extension.

Used in parallel with the other titles in DynEd's Business English Advantage Series, this course has proven to be successful in a variety of circumstances. It has cut learning times significantly, and has successfully prepared students for standardized tests such as the TOEIC®. (Please see Success Stories).

All student work is tracked and assessed by DynEd's award-winning Records Manager, a learning management system designed specifically for language learners.

Content Summary

Unit 1: Company Description Unit 2: Work Experience Unit 3: Manufacturing & Trade
  • Present company in terms of products, location, customers and history, etc.
  • Introductions and talking about business in a social setting
  • Ask and answer questions about company and products
  • Job description, work history, responsibilities, etc.
  • Organization chart and changes in company
  • Ask and answer questions about job history, education and responsibilities in an interview situation
  • Use quantitative expressions to refer to sales, manufacturing, and trade data
  • Talk about how and why something is being used
  • Ask and answer questions that use quantitative expressions
Unit 4: Product Comparisons Unit 5: Decision Making Unit 6: Planning Ahead
  • Present, describe, and compare products and services
  • Make both quantitative and qualitative comparisons
  • Ask and answer questions about products and preferences
  • Express alternatives and give reasons for a decision
  • Express degrees of certainty and logical relationships when discussion options
  • Develop oral fluency in expressing more complex ideas in a business meeting setting
  • Express future contingencies and plans which depend on test data
  • Distinguish between likely and unlikely expectations in spoken English
  • Ask and answer questions with various types of conditionals

Lesson Types

Dynamic Business English features several types of lessons, each of which keeps learners engaged with the language in different ways, promoting long-term learning. Data from around the world has shown that these types of lessons have been particularly effective.

dbe-03Students develop listening and speaking skills in a range of useful themes and situations.
dbe-07Speech Recognition lessons help students develop oral fluency, improved grammatical accuracy, and confidence in English.
dbe-05A wide variety of listening exercises focus on the key grammar and vocabulary most needed in business situations today.
dbe-06Students listen to each phrase and then click on the correct option in easy-to-use Dictation exercises that provide additional review.
dbe-04Students use Speech Recognition in these Video simulation lessons to develop confident listening and speaking skills.