Test Mountain

Test Mountain is a supplementary test preparation course designed for students who already have a strong foundation in English. Used in parallel with other DynEd courses, students develop test-taking strategies while improving their listening, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills.

The program is used in two modes: a Practice mode and a Test mode. In the Practice mode, help and review features are available as students work through seven different types of test items. In the Test mode, students can take either a mini-test or a full test. As their test scores improve, students move up towards the top of the Test Mountain.

  • Upper-Intermediate - CEFR B2
  • Advanced - CEFR C1
  • Practice, Mini-test and Test Modes
  • 7 Types of Test Questions
  • Over 1,000 Randomized Questions
  • Listening, Grammar and Reading Sections
  • Help and Explanation
  • Enjoyable, Colorful Design Keeps Students Engaged
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Records Manager Tracks Study Activities and Scores
  • Teacher's Guide


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Developed by Raoul Meilleur, Test Mountain is a multimedia English course designed to help students practice for the TOEIC® and other standardized tests of English. It is designed in the form of a game, with higher test scores moving students up the "test mountain" until they reach their goal at the top.

Test Mountain is best suited for students whose DynEd Placement Level has reached 2.0 - 2.5 or higher (TOEIC 600+). It is a supplement to other DynEd courses at this level, including New Dynamic English Modules 7 and 8, Dynamic Business English Units 3-6, Functioning in Business, and Advanced Listening. Studied in parallel, these courses provide the necessary preparation to make significant gains in proficiency tests.

Even though the program is colorful and fun, it is still a powerful study tool. It contains over a thousand TOEIC-like questions, including the text for listening questions and explanations for the reading questions. The program is designed to be simple to use, even for the inexperienced computer user. It requires no written materials. Everything needed to study and use this program successfully is found within the program.

A Teacher's Guide contains suggestions for classroom use as well as guidelines for directing and monitoring self-study through the use of DynEd's award-winning Records Manager.

Lesson Types

Test Mountain features seven types of test questions. Students can begin the course by taking a test, to establish a target on the 'mountain,' and then go through the practice lessons a bit each day before taking a test again to see how much progress they have made up the 'mountain.'

tmmainmenu Test Mountain gives the students the opportunity to practice different test formats. In the practice mode, the program provides explanations for different sections of the test.
tmquestion5 The Practice mode provides students with explanations for most answer choices. It also provides optional text support in the listening sections and students may repeat the audio again and again.
tmquestion6 tmquestion7 There are 4 types of listening questions: Pictures, Question/Response, Short Conversations, and Short Talks.
tmquestion1 tmquestion4 The reading sections of the program include 3 types of questions: Error Recognition, Incomplete Sentences, and Reading Comprehension.
tmrecordsmanager A detailed record keeping function tracks all study records, including study time, number of questions, and percentage scores.